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Please note that a major change to EDXP was introduced on July 4, 2010!

On that date, membership fees were abolished, and membership is now totally free!

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 This is the Home Page of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association ("EDXP"), in Melbourne, Austrralia!

This is the public portal to the Association and if this is your first visit, you are invited to take a tour to see what EDXP offers! Please use the Navigation Bar at the left of the Page.

The Association, formed in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia, is an on-line organization where its members share  information about World Radio High Frequency Broadcasting, Australian domestic broadcasting, and related themes, in a structured and timely manner.

This is done  through an Email Message List, hosted by Yahoo Groups.

Additional Information  is also distributed via the Yahoo list to all members by the Administrator, which includes

  • Scripts of AWR's weekly "Wavescan" programs
  • Weekly Newsletters published by the Worldwiide DX Club (Germany)
  • Weekly Newsletters issued by Radio Bulgaria Monitoring
  • Monthly Newsletters of the National Association of SW Broadcasters (USA)
  • Weekly Solar Geophysical summaries
  • New schedules of international broadasters

See About EDXP for other details!

Publications and other materials are available for purchase.



Listen to the following free audio services over the Internet, compiled from EDXP resources, Available in MP3, Streaming Audio,  and Podcast format !


A weekly 15 minute program for the very latest news about shortwave broadcasting! Schedule changes, propagation,  and monitoring notes

Launched March 2010 - a monthly ten-minute compilation of off-air recordngs of unusual shortwave signals, made from field monitoring sites near  Melbourne. Each clip is described, with station name, frequency, language, reception time, and a narrative.



The EDXP celebrated its 14th birthday on January 4, 2010,  moving  into its 15th year of continuous operations. It was the pioneer hobby DXing organisation using Internet technology.

If you are not a member and are considering joining, please be advised that you will be expected to participate by sharing news and experiences through our Message List. If you are not comfortable about on-line sharing  then EDXP may not be appropriate for you.

Organizations are welcome to join as Associate Members - such membership is conditional on making available relevant information regularly to EDXP on a reciprocal basis.

We also have a nice real time Chat Room for anyone! 


To join EDXP, click on the Yahoo! Groups logo below.  All applications will require approval from the EDXP Administrator, to avoid automatic registrations from spammers. After approval, you will be an EDXP member!

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Australian Outback Communications - antenna towers at Aurora Resort, Kakadu, Northern Territory. (Photo by Bob Padula, November 2008) 



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                                 RADIO EDXP                          

Radio EDXP
is our Radio Broadcasting Station. It carries the Australian DX Report, heard every Sunday over WWCR Nashville, Tennessee, at 0300-0315 UTC on 5070 kHz (for Americas, Europe) and on Mondays  at 1245-1300 UTC on 15825 kHz (for Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas)

The Shows are also simulcast live via Streaming Audio from WWCR

Radio EDXP QSLs are offered for correct reports for the SW transmissions! 
The Australian DX Report is also aired over various other international shortwave broadcasters.

Full details at Radio EDXP Programs


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The Banner you see at the top of each page is a panorama from  the Gorge Lookout, Mt. Buffalo National Park, 350 km north-east of Melbourne, taken by Bob Padula on August 8, 2010.

Mt Dandenong (Melbourne) communications tower (Photo: Bob Padula) 



Australia's first SW transmitter VK3ME at Braybrook, Victoria 

Marconi's famous SW transmitter 


NASA Satellite Communications 

                     EDXP ADMINISTRATION                

Bob Padula, 404 Mont Albert Rd, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia


Bob Padula

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